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The Defendants

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Defendants from the Duke case that were able to overcome adversity and make positive contributions to society.
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Serena Nunn

Serena Nunn is a true success story. Her sentence was commuted by President Clinton and she also received a full pardon from President Obama (which is virtually unprecedented). Serena triumphed against adversity to become a defense attorney despite the hardships endured as a defendant in the Duke case.

Kim Willis

Kim Allen Willis is the second defendant in the Duke case to be granted a commutation of his sentence by Bill Clinton in 2001.

2001 Article written by Judge Doty regarding the Willis commutation

Shawn Duke

Shawn Duke is another success story. The federal prosecutor of the Duke case affirmed in a letter written decades later that Shawn also qualified for clemency (even though he was never notified, and so he served his entire sentence). Shawn was released in 2001 and became a successful businessman, active member of his church, and an advocate for other inmates.

Chani Duke

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